Book – The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids


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“A must read for crystal lovers of all levels of expertise. Each page is packed with helpful tips, crystal recommendations, and concise tables. The photographs and diagrams are both inspiring and beautiful, as they will encourage readers to put these tools to use in their own lives. This book is perhaps the most informative on the subject, and is sure to be a definite work on crystal grids for years to come.”

  • Beginners grids based on basic geometric shapes and templates so practitioners learn the fundamentals of grid creation
  • Advanced grids for deep healing and energy transmutation
  • Grids for personal use including love, manifesting abundance, chakra balancing,determining career and life path,and Spiritual expansion

Filled with hundreds of photos and illustrations, plus step-by-step guidance, this truly is the ultimate guide to harnessing the magic and power of crystals.

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